The Christmas Fairys

The Christmas Fairys

                                                  Chapter One
Once upon a time there were two best friends.Their names are Lizzie and Ivy. Lizzie and Ivy had a secret that no one knew but Ivy and Lizzie knew. Do you want to know? The secret was that they are friends with magic fairys. Every time they see the fairys Jack Frost would steal something and hide it so the fairys can not find them. Now it was Christmas Eve so Ivy and Lizzie went to the park for a walk when suddenly they heard a funny sound  then they saw snow. Ivy and Lizzie looked at each other and said the Christmas Fairy. Oh what did Jack Frost do now said Ivy? The fairy said he stold the Christmas spirit gem.

Letter to the world about the butterfly life cycle

Letter to the world about the butterfly life cycle

Dear world,


Today  me and my partner are going to tell you about the butterfly life cycle.


1) First, a mother butterfly lays eggs.


2)Then, out comes a caterpillar.


3) Next,it eats leaves and it becomes really really fat.


4) After that, the caterpillar sheds it skin.


5) It turns into a J.


6) After that,it comes into a chrysalis


7)Finally,after 2 weeks it comes out and it is a painted lady butterfly.


Fly butterfly fly. Fly away have a great time.




ashahbal1138 & emcclemo8691

My story about pets part #1

My story about pets part #1

Once upon a time there were two girls that found two puppies on the road. They almost got hit by a car. But the girls got the puppies just in time. They asked their parents if they could keep them. She said,“you can keep them just until we find their owners. Yay yay they said. But you have to promise me that you are going to take good care of your puppies. So the girls gave the puppies food every day. So after the girls gave the puppies their food they took their puppies for a walk. The puppies love walks even though they were not the same kind of dogs, they acted like they were. They do not live together said the two sisters mom. Oh no then we will have to give away one of our puppies. But the other girl was sad because she had to give away her puppy. It’s ok we can share this puppy. Really said the first girl yes really said the second girl.

So they took care of the puppy. But one day they had to give up that last puppy. But the lady said if I ever need a dog sitter then I know the place that I can get one. By the way I am going on vacation but they don’t allow dogs so would you take care of Patches while I’m gone. YES YES YES! We promise that we will take good care of him. They gave him food. They said to their mom can we have our own dog? Their mom said dogs are expensive so you need to get the money to get a dog. So the girls made a sign saying dog sitting. Everyone came with their dogs. The girls said it is 20$. Everyone got their dogs and asked if they could take care of their dogs. After that they counted all their money.

Their mom said you only need 12 more dollars. So they set up a lemonade stand. It said 1$ each. They had all different kinds of lemonade. They had orange,grape,strawberry and kiwi. Everyone that wanted them to take care of there dogs came. Some pepole bought two cups of lemonade. The pepole wanted more it was so good. After everyone left they counted all their money. They had 38$. The dogs inside where being very good so they got some treats. Their mother counted their money and said you have enough money that you can have one dog. After all the dogs went home they got their own puppy.

What will happen next?